Final Project for each class asked students to compare their observations:

Migration & Culture (2 countries)

Global Cities (2 countries)

• Ryan Bahry, Stupas Minarets & Transnational Spaces (Yangon & Istanbul)
• Carrie Benson, From Slums to Starbucks (India & Madrid)
• Esther Cha, A New Transnational Vernacular (Japan & Croatia
• Sarah Grimaldi, The Costly Implications of Globalization (Beijing & Cairo)
• Jason Hart, A Comparison of Transnational and Vernacular in Turkey and Vietnam
• Perry Jackman, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (Japan & Egypt)
• Evan Kleiman, The World is a Playground of Endless Knowledge (Burma & Croatia)
• Lindsay Kuhlmann, When Vernacular and Transnational Mix (China & Spain)
• John Overington, Crossing the Globe: Cairo versus Dubrovnik
• Paul Padegimas, Global Cities Compared and Contrasted: Tokyo and Istanbul
• Ryan Reck, Kyoto, Istanbul, and the Transnational
• Danica Taylor, Using Vernacular and Transnational to Guide me through a Global World (Vietnam & Turkey)
• Kristin Trapp, Comparing Egypt and Hong Kong
• Jessica Von Wendel, Transnational Ethnography: Issues of Vernacular Preservation: Migrants in Hong Kong and Spain
• Jane Wiseman, Crossing the Globe: Kobe to Istanbul

Field Methods (3 countries)

• Lara Calloway, English Language Acquisition (Japan, Burma, India)
• Wren Chan, Cultural Influences in Urban Development in Large Cities (Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City and Istanbul)
• Michelle Cox, Reactions To Americans (Vietnam, Burma, Turkey)
• Allie D'Amanda, To Accept or Reject, That is the Question (Hong Kong, India, Turkey)
• Ryan Harper, Realms of Conflict Among Youth (Egypt, Turkey, Spain)
• Melody Heath, How Do I Look? (Egypt, India, Japan)
• Chloι Hirschhorn, Getting From Point A to Point B Around the World (Burma, Croatia, India)
• Tatsuru Kimura, Professional Selling to Tourists (India, Vietnam, Egypt)
• Gordon Klco, Religious Sites Around the World (Vietnam, Burma, Spain)
• Robbieanna Leung, It's a Small World After All (India, Croatia, Turkey)
• John Meade, Youth Culture Across the World & Their Perceptions of the United States (Japan, Egypt, Croatia)
• Caroline Park, Finding War & Hoping Peace (Vietnam, Burma, Croatia)
• Preston Price, Soccer As A Global Phenomenon (Burma, Turkey, Spain)
• Jaimie Isabel Rosado, Music, Memory and Place (Croatia, Vietnam, Egypt)
• Suzanne Schefcik, Transnational Transportation Networks (Japan, India, Egypt)
• Rebecca Stubbs, Youth Cross-Culturally (Japan, Hong Kong, Croatia)
• Jessica Von Wendel, Performative Mercantilism (China, Turkey, Burma)

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