Migration & Culture

• Julian Bailey, Ali and Me
• Amy DeWitt, Egypt: "Fil Mish Mish"
• Julia Hursh, Home Away From Home in Egypt
• Preston Price, Hospitality in Egypt
• Rip Ritchie, Leaving, Learning or Living Egypt?

Global Cities

Ryan Bahry, Egypt: Skirting the Outskirts
• Carrie Benson, Egypt: Cairo: A Globalizing City
• Sarah Grimaldi, The Contrasts of Modern Day Egypt
• Perry Jackman, Egypt: Old vs. New
• Evan Kleiman, Mother of the World
• John Overington, From Fox Meadows to Spring Valley
• Paul Padegimas, Cairo
• Ryan Reck, Civilization, Born Here, Raised Elsewhere
• Danica Taylor, Somewhere in the Middle
• Kristin Trapp, Egypt
• Jane Wiseman, Mother of the World

Field Methods

• Lara Calloway, Belly Dancing Double-Standard
• Wren Chan, Egyptian Students at the Pyramids
• Amy Dewitt, Egypt vs. Turkey: Brains over Beauty
• Ryan Harper, A Wife Acquired, A Dream Fulfilled
• Melody Heath, Underneath
• Chloé Hirschhorn, Getting Away
• Tatsuru Kimura, Wedding in Cairo---Egypt
• Tatsuru Kimura, Souvenir Sellers in Giza---Egypt
• Robbieanna Leung, True Wealth of Knowledge
• John Meade, American Politics Through Egyptian Eyes
• Caroline Park, The Children of Alexandria
• Jaimie Isabel Rosado, Egypt: The Same but Different
• Suzanne Schefcik, Egyptian Camels
• Jessica Von Wendel, Shopping for a Husband

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