Migration & Culture

• Corey, Domestic Refugees in Burma
• Amy DeWitt, Burma: Full Length, Feature-Film Migration
• Margarita I. Gotay, Mac-ing it!!!
• Julia Hursh, Burma: It's a Small World
• Preston Price, Outside Influence in Burma

Global Cities

• Ryan Bahry, Buddha and Billboards
• Carrie Benson, Myanmar: Poor in Wealth; Rich in Culture
• Sarah Grimaldi, Horizontal and Vertical Tensions in Myanmar
• Jason Hart, Yangon? Rangoon? Who Cares? The General Sure Does.
• Perry Jackman, Doing Things Their Own Way
• Lindsay Kuhlmann, Burmese Colonial Architecture
• Paul Padegimas, Myanmar
• Ryan Reck, Burmese Tourism
• Danica Taylor, The World's Secret Garden
• Jessica Von Wendel, Doctored Perceptions of Rangoon

Field Methods

• Lara Calloway, Juvenile Multi-linguists
• Wren Chan, A Typical Cultural Tour in Myanmar
• Michelle Cox, Family Fun in Burma
• Allie D'Amanda, A Flip of a Switch in Burma
• Amy Dewitt, "Ok. Ok. No Problem." Androgyny in Old Bagan
• Ryan Harper, Finding Never-Neverland
• Chloι Hirschhorn, Getting What You Ask For
• Tatsuru Kimura, Embarassement at Paying
• Gordon Klco, Buddhism Laying Down
• Robbieanna Leung, Oppressed by Too Much Talk of Oppression
• John Meade, Discussion & Interpretation with burmese Monks
• Caroline Park, The Brave & the Faithful
• Preston Price, Cane Ball
• Suzanne Schefcik, Burmese Transit
• Rebecca Stubbs, Burma: Welcome to Donors & Tourists
• Jessica Von Wendel, Burma: One Night in Yangon

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