Fall 2015---Professor: Kristin Koptiuch
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Arizona State University at the West campus, Phoenix, Arizona

What are they?


Borderlands of Race/Ethnicity

CS, An Alternate White Reality: Exploring Borderlands of Race Claudia Rodriguez, My Dark Skin

Daphne Villanueva, Running From Blackness

Ariel Diaz, Borderlands: The Realization of Ethnic Discriimination in the 21st C
Jeric Garcia, The "Chinese Kid": Experiencing the Borderlands of Race & Ethnicity Through Culture Shock
Nicole Jackson, My Name is Wetback
Shanae Goode, A Black American Fight in American Education
Miriam Mendez, Hidden Borders for the Unmodel Minority
Luke Dale Emerson, A Child's Realization of White Privilege
Alfredo Castrejon, Searching for an Identity
Sabrina Ross, Homecoming: An Eye Opening Weekend at a Historically Black College
Christen Garden, Chica Blanca Tratando de Cruzar la Calle para Jugar (White Girl Trying to Cross the Street to Play)
Crystal Cespedes, My First Gaze into Racism and a Peso of Shame
Christian Espinoza, Definitely Illegal
Vanessa Calzada, Family Vacation with a Side of Discrimination

Borderlands of Inter/Race

Haley Fouts, Things We Did Not Realize
Tristan Rosellini, The Life and Times of a Japa-talian Joe, The Old Blue Van Revelation: The Day My Grandpa Stopped Being My Role Model
Jovita Trujillo, Everything Isn't Always Black or White
Crystal Scott, Chameleon

Borderlands of (Trans)Nationality

Borderlands of Class

Borderlands of Gender and Sexuality
Riley Grapentine, A (Trans)Gendered Account
Kayla Suchoza, Uncovering
Melissa Fitz, Girls Can't Play With Boys
Amanda Liberto, Young Women Don't Do That
Ashai Magak, Gone with the Wind

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