SBS 301
Fall 2002---Professor: Kristin Koptiuch
Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Arizona State University West, Phoenix, Arizona

What are they??

Borderlands of Race/Ethnicity
Bart L. Black, 
End of Innocence
Margaret A. Bray, 
From "Grass" to "Bluegrass"
Patricia Maxwell, 
Racism in the South
Pedro Ayala, 
My Brown Skin and
My Journey with the National Organization
Laura Muhammad,
Oregon--The Ultimate Utopia?
Maryann Paquette,
Art of Uprising in Detroit
Amy Villanueva,
The White Girl
Patti Crocker, 
Military Minorities
Linda L. Sabie,
My Lesson in Anti-Semitism 
Scott Cerreta,
The Stench Around me
Vanessa Campbell,
Grandma is Wrinkled
Deborah Jenkins,
Seeing the Light (Whiteness)
Kimberly Phillips,
One Word Can Last a Lifetime
Brenda Tong,
Eye Opening Trip
Larry Clifton,
Stealth Hispanic

and Inter-Race
Kelley Lynch,
ëTill Color Do Us Part

Borderlands of (Trans)Nation
Looking For A Dream 
Lobsang Tsultrim,
Escaped from Tibet
Jasna Trifunovic,
No Tree?!
Joanne Johnson,
Living and Experiencing a Culture
Camino Sin Nombre

Borderlands of Gender
Monica Meridith,
Boys and Girls Are Different
Philip Smelnick,
Am I Mr. Mom?
My Story with Tough Gender

Borderlands of Class
Margaret Shalley,
On The Outside, Looking In
Bobbi Russell.
Beverly Hills...The Ultimate in Borders

Borderlands of Sexuality
Stacy Schultz,
Mystery Man,
Queens, Homos and Fags

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