Fall 2004 ---Professor: Kristin Koptiuch
Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Arizona State University at the West campus, Phoenix, Arizona


Borderlands of Race/Ethnicity
J. Melodee Gentry, Peeping Gringo Jamie Conway, My First Lesson in Difference E. L., What's the Big Deal?
Barry Rinehart, Color Blind
Ruby Rios, Brown and Proud Joe Schwartz, The Invasion of the "Other"
Dina Thompson, The Withered Rainbow
Pauline Valenzuela, The Challenge
Winona Medina, A Game of Vicarious Otherness
Brian Wohrle, The Awakening Tap
Teresa Holt, A Glimpse of Otherness Jeanette Millan, Some Mexican Chick

and Inter-Race
Rachel Gregoire, A Discovery of a Lost Self Tracey Lopez, The Mother-in-Law and the Biracial Marriage Elizabeth Luna, Because You're White
Samia Salam, Third Degree
Lisa Olivencia,  Owning Up

Borderlands of (Trans)Nation

Joshua Tieman, Laj Felipe- Li Cuamig (Felipe- My Friend) Chris Daniels, White Sand Niksa Nikodinovic, Me Now and Then
Erika Medina, Life's Incidents Sophia Walden, The Outcast

Borderlands of Class
Michelle Bouzek, A Lesson in Class
Julina Bohnsack, We Are Not All the Same

Borderlands of Gender and Sexuality

Charlie Wilson, Acceptance John Lewis, A Kissing Game Casey Miller, Discrimination in School Athletics

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