Fall 2005 ---Professor: Kristin Koptiuch
Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Arizona State University at the West campus, Phoenix, Arizona

What are they?

Borderlands of Race/Ethnicity
Tommy Aguila, That Mexican Kid
JR, My Mother, My Shame, My Pride
AMS, Why Me?
Kathryn Grow, Learning Equality
Karen Nogle, Life in the Projects of Norfolk
Tanya Michels, The Incident of Prejudice
Dyesebel, Asians Are Not the Same
Christopher LaCross, Got Milk?
Linda Olson, Being Invisible
Armando Chacon, Jr., El Desafortunado
Sean English, Savage Storm
Johnny Utah, Wake Up! We're Almost Home.
Laura May, Will the "Real" American Please Stand Up!
Sarah White, Culture Shock in Birmingham
Bret Anthony Herzig, Kingdom of Difference
Genaro V. Kirker, Reality Check
Donovan Cody, The Story of All Stories Khalid Gibson-Carter, Anytown Borderlands
Vincent Sanchez, All the Mexicans Don't Feel Like Singing

Borderlands of Class and (Trans)Nation

ALW, Clash of the Cultures
Bojan Rasevic, The First Day of School
Shane Fairchild, Virtues of Misfortune
Joshua Lehman, A Simple Misunderstanding
David Herring, Dispelling Social Assumptions
Marla Marx, An Unforgettable Shopping Trip
Jason Hudspeth, A Matter of Class
Tina Mars, Lessons Learned in Life
Abilash Pulicken, Sentient Pizza and Secret Treasures 
MS, Gringa Rica, Who?

Borderlands of Gender and Sexuality

Susie Arden, I Feeeel Like a Woman
Annette Lee, The Unexpected Question
EMT, The Little Princess
Melanie Hoffman, Discrimination Against Women in the Work Force
Brianna Goldstein, Dancing in the Spotlight
Dustin Young, Reap What You "Sew"
Sarah Avina, Through a Looking Glass: True Life Kim Beam, What is in a Name?
CC, Borderlands Rollercoaster Journey

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