Fall 2008---Professor: Kristin Koptiuch
Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Arizona State University at the West campus, Phoenix, Arizona

What are they?

Borderlands of Race/Ethnicity
Rebecca Cruz, Cesar and Me
Dawn Creighton, Two-Tone Rip Off
Benjamin Davis, The True Meaning of a Word...Or Is It?
Patricia Elam, The KKK and Me: My Ties to the Klan
Siron Glover, A Fight, A Fight!

Bernadette Laborin, Fear of Hate

Samantha Martin, To Be or Not to Be, Black That Is
NM, Coming to America
Tyler Noel, Night of the N Word
Anonymous, Land of the Free

and Inter-race

Brittany Delgadillo, Are Those All Yours?

Borderlands of Class and (Trans)Nation

Kirra Denner, Classifying Christmas
Scott Campbell, The Shibuya Incident
Belma Ceric, The Unreachable Research  Class: A Haunting in Two Acts
Irena Cembauer, The Picture
Humberto Y Flores, The Other Side of the Fence

Tiffany Turino, An Ocean Away: From Arizona to Australia

Kim Mason, A Life-Changing Walk in the Desert
Ewa K Freindl, You can hear it in my accent when I talk
Huma Imran, Disorganized and Arranged

Borderlands of Gender and Sexuality

Ben Daniel, Exposed
Steven Bemrich, Coming Out
Jon Schumacher, Out on the Lake
MeLinda Zimmerman, Damned Difference
Anonymous, Learning to Stand Up and Fight Back

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