Fall 2009---Professor: Kristin Koptiuch
Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Arizona State University at the West campus, Phoenix, Arizona

What are they?

Borderlands of Race/Ethnicity and Inter-Race

AL, Dancing Around the Obvious Suzanne De Lay, Heart v Mind Julie Furmick, You Didn't Ask
Cheryl Bivens, Am I White? Don't Know, Do You? Neither Do I JK, El Frijolero Y Yo Patrick Mayes, A Glass of Water
Martina Alexander, Express Train to Harlem Nicole Brown, The Westside Curse Michael Bradley, TMNT
RTC, The Pool that Changed My Life GB, Marine Corps Diversity 101 Josephine Garcia, Puzzled
Jane Weber, Commie! Tina Robertson, The Appointment KMM, Under Black Leadership

Borderlands of (Trans)Nation

Keila Amaro, Where Do I Fit In? Eric Mia, L’Afrique Mon Afrique en Amerique Robert R. Gehl, Getting Pinched in Mexico
Simon Isaac, There Are Others Just Like You Glenn Manuel Jr., Differences Within A Generation Matthew Moody, The Coming Change
Gabriela Trevino, Habla English! Renata Wilczynski, Welcome To America And Meet The Others  

Borderlands of Class

Audra Jalbert, The Blissful Age of Ignorance Philip Anderson, Second-Class Citizen Matt Osterhold, How Society Tells You Who You Are
Paulina Tarazon, Play at Your Own Risk    

Borderlands of Gender and Sexuality

Todd Kopp, The Engagement Gary Brewer, The Spectrum of Fear Margaret Sam Rogers, Women in the Workplace – A Personal Re-memory
Sierra Buckles, Child's Play Katherine Majercin, The Unspoken Truth Ryan Sumayo, Acceptance of Difference
Courtney Murch, What exactly are you implying? Thomas Tenney, An Assumption Made Amanda White, Growing Up Girl

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