Fall 2011---Professor: Kristin Koptiuch
Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Arizona State University at the West campus, Phoenix, Arizona

What are they?


Borderlands of Race/Ethnicity

JPF, Sting of the Baby Wasp Michael Gamble, Drain the Pool!

AT, UNI 100: Isolation at the University

Isaiah Grissum, The Power of Difference Yaskara Aguirre, Being Mexican American in Arizona

KW, Bitter Sugar


Briana Hooley, A Korean-American Fourth of July Matthew Samuel, Alone in a Crowd JSO, The One Experience I Didn’t Want in College
LW, Immature Indifference

Derek Graffious, The New White Kid

Kyle Brennan, We're Different?
Jonathan L. Ilea, A Marriage of Two Cultures Fidel Nevarez, Language Opened Up a New World  
Borderlands of Multiraciality
Sam Moore, Ignorance Was Bliss Monique Stanewich, Miscegenation 2003 Shera Koeppen, Black and White
Borderlands of (Trans)Nation
Borderlands of Gender and Sexuality
Amanda D'Ambrosio, Joking with Gender Christiane Pleet, Queer Courage Albert Sandoval, Coming Out by SMS
Samantha Klimek, Gender Difference in a World That is Ever Changing   LAC, My Choice of 'Sin' Mary Beth Tagge, My Pride Ride

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