SBS 301 Cultural Diversity/Prof. Koptiuch         Fall 2012       Personal Memory Ethnographies

Daniel Rosenberg

White Sheep in a Black Flock

She was very smart, gorgeous and she had heart. We meet at party in my dorm at Northern Arizona University. She had brownish blonde hair with green eyes and a smile to die for. We would walk to classes every morning for a year. For spring break we went Disney Land and on the way downhill from Flagstaff there was a snow storm. We were so scared, we just about peed ourselves. Then I heard the worst news ever: she would not able go to Northern Arizona University next year. What were going to do? So we cried goodbye at airport and on the way home I decided to move to Alaska. About four hour latter I called her and I told her that I moved to Alaska for her. She was excited, I think she was crying. We would talk all summer. The only hard was trying telling my parents. I shipped three boxes to her parents’ house in Alaska and I partied it up with my friends. Now it was time to broad the plane. Air Alaska I never thought I would go to Alaska.

In Alaska it is so beautiful the air is clean and there so many trees. WOW…..GORGEOUS….in Anchorage there a forest inside the city and moose would walk causing traffic jams all time. I would wake up in morning and see a moose walking in my apartment parking lot. That was so cool. The only thing I did not see is brown bear. I am glad and sad to see these animals, they are mean creatures. In Alaska I did go salmon fishing, snow mobile and I did see the northern lights. They are beautiful, they are should be everyone bucket list.

One of the first things I did when I got to Alaska was looking for a job. So I applied at Kentucky Fried Chicken, I had interview later that day. At that interview I blew their sox off I was hired my first day that Friday, which sucked. It was so busy, I did everything cook, cashier, busier, etc… But it only took six months to became assistant manager. That’s where the fun stuff happens. I was transferred to another store about five miles downs road on the outskirts of the town of Anchorage. I made a butt load of money this company. Before I came this store they made $1,500 a night but after I was there we made more $2,500 night over. The store manger was mean and not a people person.

I had tough week at school and work it was Friday and I did not have go work that Saturday. Nice. So Jared and I went local alcohol store. I bought a bottle of Hennessey and a bottle of Hypnotic and if you mix the two together they become green. People call it the “Incurable Hulk”, which kicks your butt hard. We were on Northern Lights street which was about two miles south from our store, then hoped on Tudor Rd. to the hotel. It is was next mall; the mall was a little weird. It was a five story building, I had never seen that before and in Anchorage they have height maximum for building. The name of hotel was Holiday Inn, fancy right. Two young gentlemen are not letting money bother us this night.

Well we did not have any ice so we drank the mixture warm, which was nasty but did the job. It was getting a little boring just Jared and me, so Jared invited some of his friends. Which is fine because I did not have many friends in Alaska. A party of two became a party of 10. As the party goes on I notice that I am the only white person in party, but I do not care I’m really drunk. I hear a knock on the door, I was clam we thought it might police and I’m the only one old enough to legally to drink. We took big sigh when saw three pretty attractive girls.

Then Jared took out his little baggy weed and he rolled a blunt. Of he took the first hit of the blunt. Then he passed it to me. I was nervous. Should I say no thanks or take one for the team. It took about five minutes to make that decision and I took a puff (the biggest mistake in my life). So I was drunk and high (maybe on the being high). It’s about three o’clock in the morning there is no more booze I did not care for any more weed, I hear a little voice to my right from one of girls. She asked, “How does it feel being white”. I was floored by what she said, the little bitch was a good time until then. I was so drunk I thought of the reply, “How does it feel being black”.

I do not know if she mad that was no there booze for her or maybe she never hung a white man before. But there is something called manners. Maybe she was raised in a barn or a cave but that was a party foul! But Jared was shocked as well and he said a few choice words towards her which made me smile. Then I went to sleep and about seven thirty in the morning I got call from my opening cook from work and he was calling in sick. I went to work on my day off it was fine but I had the worst hangover. At work I got a call from Jared asking where I was. I told him that Chris called in sick so I had to go in. I was surprised I did not throw up at work.

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