Fall 2014---Professor: Kristin Koptiuch
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Arizona State University at the West campus, Phoenix, Arizona

What are they?


Borderlands of Race/Ethnicity

Max Rice, Token White Boy
Alysia Jacobs, Changed My Perspective

A.S., Diversity Dilemma on the Volleyball Court

Lisa Lacouette, Obscenely White
Daniel Hartlauer, Gringo Nazi: The Battle of Whiteness in a Racist Wasteland
Anonymous, One Jersey Color, Different Skin
Joseph Maggiola, Just this Side of Comfort
Tyler Arthur, Racism Is Not Needed!
Nicholas Gill, Sikh-ing To Traverse the Borderlands of Ethnicity
Liz Wallace, A Crack in the Foundation
Mark Antony, Blacks vs. Mexicans vs. Me
Amela Duric, I-dentity
C.C., The Taboos of Segregation
Stephen LaCour, Anatomy of an Assault
J.C., Two Worlds
K. Carmona, Discrimination: Have We Really Made Progress
P.N., Muslim Girl
Michael Hunt, A (Colorful) Christmas Story
Steve Donaldson, Race and Representation

Borderlands of Inter/Race

Borderlands of (Trans)Nationality

Borderlands of Class

Borderlands of Gender and Sexuality
Alyssa Land, Love Is Love
Lindsay Morgan, A Girl At Bat
Tyler Mastin, My New Stance
Nikkole Sawyer, The Defining Night
Chelsea Johnson, Boy Shorts
J.C., Living In a Man's World

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