January 25th - Field Photos

South Mountain Environmental Center 

South Mountain Environmental Center envcenter.JPG (283336 bytes)
Cory & Akisha at South Mountain Environment Center parking log cory&akisha.JPG (180008 bytes)

(East side of Central, just north of Southern)

MVC-560X.JPG (187186 bytes)
Grocery store on East side of Central grocery.JPG (186807 bytes)
911 Center

(Elwood, east off Central)

MVC-562X.JPG (180126 bytes)
Elwood Street (Residential community across street from 911 facility) MVC-563X.JPG (147599 bytes)
Abstinence mural

(Central & Illini)

MVC-564X.JPG (124279 bytes)
Abstinence mural (South side of building) MVC-565X.JPG (128535 bytes)
Mother Mary statue in front yard

(6th & Weir)

MVC-566X.JPG (162084 bytes)
Old to new edge residence

(Pecan & 12th)


MVC-567X.JPG (147105 bytes)
Pecan & 12th (view looking West) MVC-568X.JPG (149394 bytes)
Southern Crossing new home development (14th Way & Hildago) MVC-569X.JPG (120708 bytes)
Southern Crossing Play area (w/posting restricting usage to W/C homeowners only) MVC-570X.JPG (133423 bytes)
Habitat for Humanity entry sign (St. Anne & 16th Street) MVC-571X.JPG (116266 bytes)
Adopt-A-Home construction (St. Charles & 13th Place) MVC-572X.JPG (128197 bytes)
Circle K

(16th Street & Baseline)

MVC-573X.JPG (156737 bytes)
The Fairways Gated Golf Community

(24th & Baseline)

MVC-574X.JPG (114931 bytes)
South Mountain Community College

(Across street from the Fairways)

MVC-575X.JPG (108437 bytes)
Team Photo by Cory

(22nd Street & St. Catherine)

MVC-576X.JPG (140126 bytes)
Gutter Debris

(22nd Street & St. Catherine)

MVC-577X.JPG (178388 bytes)
Community Phone

(22nd Street & St. Catherine (across from brick complex)

MVC-578X.JPG (200673 bytes)
T.G. Barr Elementary School MVC-579X.JPG (116931 bytes)
Minister Farakan's residence MVC-580X.JPG (144393 bytes)
Islamic Flag (Star & Crescent) flying at Farakan's residence MVC-581X.JPG (125230 bytes)









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