Welcome to the personal bio page of Amber Blumgren!! 

I am currently a senior at ASU West majoring in Sociology.  I hope to finally graduate next Spring after having changed my major twice!!  I had originally planned to be an elementary school teacher and still hope to find a career which will enable me to work with children (they are our future!).  I have two beautiful children of my own.  One is Lil Roy (5 years old) and the other is Dalvin (3 years old).  They and their father are my everything, and together we are a very happy and loving family!!  On top of being a full-time college student and mother of two, I also have a full-time job.  I do all the quality control work in the e-commerce department for SMC Promotions (Specialty Merchandise Corporation). 

        With day to day life being so HECTIC it was really a joy to be involved in Dr. Koptiuch's Urban Studies class which allowed us to learn out in the field.  The field location was all of  South Phoenix and as you can see from viewing my site we accomplished a lot during our eight week course!!


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