Freeze Frame Event Scene


Amber Blumgren


On February eighth, just shortly past two o’clock I was standing on the northeast corner of Jones and Central. Behind the public, covered bench bus stop lay an empty lot size enough for at least one business location. Besides dirt and trash, this location appeared to be home to only an old broke down Camaro which looked to be black under the thick coat of dust covering the body, and three stacks of grungy mattresses. The stacks were lined up side by side, each nine high! It was the mattresses which triggered my curiosity, making me wonder- Why is this lot vacant? Has there ever been anything located here? Are there any plans for future construction? Why are those mattresses there? Who put them there? Is there a reason for the way they are situated?

Unfortunately there was no one in sight to settle my curiosity!!


NOTE:  The above picture is of the mysterious vacant lot but unfortunately the shot taken of the mattresses did not develop!!! The house, trucks, etc viewed are behind (east side) the lot.

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