Learning From South 


By Coryn Anderson

For a map of South Phoenix, Arizona click on:


Freeze Frame From San Isidro Farms is my description of an area of land that was in my view at the time a freeze frame was called.  A freeze frame is a moment in time when you stop and observe your surroundings.  At the time the freeze frame was called I was standing in front of a fruit stand owned by San Isidro Farms.  The fruit stand has a terrific view of what will be a new development in the South Mountain area and downtown Phoenix.   


Interview With An Elder From South Phoenix  was a chance for me to discuss the issues plaguing South Phoenix with one of its residents.  The interesting interview and more!



The Gentrification of South Phoenix is an article I wrote that discusses the revitalization of South Phoenix.  Many people aren't aware of it but South Phoenix is in the middle of a major surge of revitalization.  Many would claim that this area is being taken over by cookie-cutter houses and home owner's associations, read more and decide for yourself.


Shot/Reverse-Shot is an assignment Dr. K gave our class to encourage us to think about a circumstance, like the Rio Salado project, and then look at it from another person's perspective.

My paper titled, "Inside and Out", discusses the use of concrete walls by developers to keep certain people in and the Others out.  For more info click on:  Inside and Out

My letter to residents of the larger Phoenix metropolitan area discusses what I've personally learned from taking this class.  I also point out some of my classmates' web pages so you can have access to different perspectives on the topics at hand. 


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