Rio Salado 

Shot/Reverse Shot

By Coryn Anderson

As I was standing at the edge of the Salt River by Central Avenue listening to our guest speaker from the Rio Salado Project, I noticed a Hispanic man ride by on an old bike with a duct-taped seat. He watched our class as he rode by, I knew by the look of curiosity on his face that he was trying to figure out why we were there and what we were talking about. I wonder how he feels about this organization and the plans that they have for his neighborhood.


I was riding over the Salt River on my way to work today and I saw this large group of people crowded around some woman. I saw a map so I think they were talking about the river. I wonder if they were talking about that crazy idea of trying to restore the natural habitat. They probably want to build another Tempe Town Lake. Who would ever come here to jog, roller blade, or cycle? The riverbed has been a dump for years. Those people are dreaming if they believe their idea will really work.

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