South Central Ave.

Akesha Day

Juli Rickman, Cindy Overton and myself started on Roeser Rd. at the local Circle K. We spoke to the cashier on duty for a short while. The cashier said her main customers are regulars from the nearby neighborhoods. The customers vary in age just as the races do. One thing I noticed about this Circle K was the vast liquor selection. They had everything from white wine to your cheapest beer. The liquor selection was comparable to a Walgreen’s or your average liquor store.

            Right next door there is a Mexican seafood restaurant called “DeMariscos Seafood Restaurant”. This restaurant has been here a very long time. I remember when I was in high school in the early 1990’s this place offered dancing in the evenings. The restaurant started having problems with fighting and shooting after the dances ended late at night. The business closed for a short while following this, and opened back up, but no dancing was offered when they opened again.

            As we continued on our adventure up South Central we passed Sullivan’s Motor Quality Cars Dealer. I noticed all of the cars had keys in the driver doors. The keys were hanging out with nobody around. I thought this was odd. The lots on Camelback Rd. and Bell Rd. do not have keys hanging out the driver doors. I thought that was very interesting.

            We made a stop in the Azteca Panaderia. I purchased two empanadas. An empanada is a Latino pastry that is similar to a turnover. They come with fruit fillings and sometimes have sugar sprinkled over the top of them. This place of business was a small bakery and Mexican food restaurant all in one. The business also offered calling

cards. The cards had pictures of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Mexican flag, and various animals that would be common on a farm. The place was small and cozy, and the customer service was excellent.

            The Rocky Mountain Restaurant, which is just south of the Azteca Panaderia, is another Mexican Food Restaurant we passed. My fellow classmates were not aware that this restaurant was a McDonalds restaurant about a year ago. When you really look at the structure you can tell there was a playground in front. The restaurant is painted blue all over, and from what I heard the food is very good and inexpensive.

            The next stop we made was at the Ocotillo Library just behind Taco Bell. You can go to Cindy Overton’s, my fellow classmate, web page to read the interview on our final stop for the day.