Learning From South Phoenix


 I am a student at ASU West as a Secondary Education major. Over the past six weeks I have been part of a class that has been participating in field research in South Phoenix.  At first I was a little weary about being in South Phoenix, but that apprehension soon melted away as I saw, with my own eyes, what South Phoenix is truly like.

  The entire community is full of culture, even the McDonalds in this neighborhood shows the personality of the people who reside in the area.  I think that the city receives a bad reputation and that people need to take the time to get to know the community before they pass judgment.

   The following links will give you a little information and a few pictures of what my experience of a community that I have lived by my entire life but never really was until now.

mvc-293f   About Me

  Central McDonalds

Just an another old building?bk_yard_aa_sign

Our Group Project

South of the River; A Different Culture

What do you see?

Letter to people of Phoenix

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