What do you see?

   I see a woman coming out of her house. She looks as though she is dressed for work. On one shoulder she is carrying a diaper bag and attached to the hand is another smaller hand. Her daughter is following behind her. The little girl is cute, around 2 years old and wearing a pretty little dress.
     The young woman unlocks the doors to her car and throws the diaper bag onto the front seat. As she is trying to open the back door the little girl is trying to break free, she doesn't realize that it is time for work, not time to play. The mother finally gets the child buckled in to her seat in the back and finally notices that there are visitors in her neighborhood.
     As she briefly observes us I have to wonder what thoughts are going through her head. Is she happy that we are there, helping get another house ready for another needing and well deserving family? Does she feel that we are invading her neighborhood and wishes that we would go back to "our side" of town? Does she think that we are just there to ease our conscience so we feel that we made the world a little better today?  Does she not want us there, at the South Ranch Habitat community, her community, her home, or does she sense that we do really care?

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