A look at the South Side

It was a morning unlike any other--               

     It was my first morning in South Phoenix.


A Piece on Price

-- A surprising comparison of environments and prices of supermarkets!-- 

Reflections on South Phoenix

-- 1/25/02 --

A view from the park at 9th

Street and Weir.

South Phoenix Video

A small business success story

in the heart of South Phoenix.

Jesus Sightings!

A powerpoint presentation of all the

religion we don't see in most of the valley

A Stroll Down Central

A picture documentary of our walk down

Central Ave -- from Broadway to Roeser


South Phoenix at Night!

Our daring trip to Central Ave 

on an unusual Monday night


Wrap Up

A rewarding end to a

rewarding class

My name is Jennifer Griffith and I am a student at ASU West.

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