Reflections on South Phoenix

-- 1/25/02 --

A view from the park at 9th

Street and Weir.


    We decided that the spot chosen for our freeze frame should be a pleasant one.  We found a park at 9th Street and Weir that suited our purpose.  As I looked around, the scenery was very different from North Phoenix.  All of the grass in the park was dead and brown.  The playground wasnít very well kept and was surrounded by a degenerated chain-link fence.  The picnic tables were covered in, well I donít want to guess what it was.  There were very few people in the park at all.  Across the street were old-style houses.  No two were alike.  I found such diversity to be a very refreshing change from the monotony of new housing developments.  Though the neighborhood wasnít beautiful or well-kept, it had a sort of homey charm to it.  There were kids playing in the driveway across the way, laughing and shouting.  Then the ice cream man rolled up.  Well, needless to say, that ended the freeze frame.  Ice cream has to take precedence you know.