Habitat for Humanity

Building the "ghetto"



    Habitat for Humanity is a Christian based an organization that was set up to provide affordable quality homes to low-income families. The organization needs and uses volunteer support to full fund almost all of its operations as of course build the homes. A volunteer requirement to join is to only have the heart to help. Even though there are experience foramens and staff any person over the age of 14 can help with any project.

The benefit of Habitat is that it helps keep the families in the area that they grew up in. One example is the Habitat project construction in South Phoenix, Arizona. South phoenix is one of the oldest areas in town and the streets are what some outsiders may consider the “Ghetto”. This place has life and a culture of is own and many generations of families lived in this area off of both sides of central. With this new tend of building mass cooperate communities parts of the land is being bought and devolved around and in South Phoenix. The cost of these new homes and apartment is about the same as a home in the,” greener parts of town”. This causes two things first the price of the older homes and land goes up and second the people that mostly reside in this area are eventually phased out. Habitat for Humanity is different compared to the Project Cooperate Builders.

The Project in South Phoenix constructed by Habitat developed their own living community as stated above with affordable homes. With this community people from the surrounding area can still reside and prosper in the area that they known as home. I had the privilege of working on such a project recently.             

New Frontier

Habitat for Humanity was such a good experience. I really did enjoy the morning building and working on the house. It was interesting to hear each person who works directly with the organizations share the history and the finer details of the program. Listening to them talk you could really get a sense that they really believed in what they do. You can tell that they view the community, as their own and not a charity case or the areas were they just worked. I was surprised at the community itself because it was not what I expected. I did expect to see somewhat run down houses with crap all in the yard. But I was wrong. This community was well kept up it was nice with a sense of unity in the neighborhood. If one did not know anything about Phoenix and its different regions one could assume that they were in the “ nice part “ of town. Indeed Habitat for Humanity is a great organization in this nation and the world. It sets up its people to succeed and to take pride in what they worked for. I feel that this experience was good and if at all possible I would like to contribute in any way I can.  






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