Freeze Frame

Hayden Park


This particular freeze frame takes place in South Phoenix near 7th st at a park called Hayden Park. This park is a nice park for children to play and the land is equipped with a baseball field, picnic tables, basketball court, playground, and plenty of field to do what ever a person would want to do. Being winter in Phoenix this park foliage takes more of a scene of fall with the brown, yellow, and tan colors painted all around this small park. It is a nice park but the surroundings of the park may seem a little strange to a foreigner to this neighborhood. Next to the Baseball field is a cement factory. Sounds of its machinery are fused with the sounds of the birds and the children playing in the park. On the perimeter of the park is a junkyard with old brown and rusted cars that add colors to the fall-like scenery of the park. In front of the park are the houses of where people live. To describe each one would be like describing every bush in the desert, each one different, each one unique but somehow fitting with its soundings. The recreation center placed on one side of this park is white and looks to have been built with the style of a different era. Placed on the flat wall on one side is a portrait of the Virgin of Guadalupe a symbol of this area’s culture and, one could even dare to conclude, its people.



After taking in the scenery and jotting down some notes my fellow classmate and I joined a few boys playing basketball. We played together as if we always met after school to play. They didn’t see us as foreigners or northern phoenix people they simply saw us as someone who just enjoys a good game basketball. After the game we sat and rested at the bench near the court. We talked and asked questions about each other. We asked them were they went to school, if they lived here all their life, and what did they want to be when they grew up. They were more than talkative in answering our question. Then they wanted to know what college we went to and what we wanted to be when we “ grew-up”. We talked a bit more mostly about stuff any normal 12 yr old boy would be interested in. Finally we had to leave back to class oddly enough I would rather stayed at Hayden park.          


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