"Learning from South Phoenix"

A course from Arizona State University West Campus

                          By:  Lillian Contreras(2002)


Freeze Frame Event (click on link)

A freeze frame is framing a visual spot.  You zoom in for a close-up and zoom out for a wide angle shot.  In my paper I described what I saw inside the frame both close-up and wide angle on a empty lot on 7th Street and Roeser.

7th Street and Roeser



Shot/Reverse-Shot Event-Scene (click on link

The shot/reverse scene is an event-scene strategy that draws on filmmaking for inspiration. My description takes in two different points of view, each gaze looking back at the other.

--First I wrote about my own gaze and vantage point and gave one perspective on the scene/seen.  I described what and who I saw.

--Second, I wrote the position of the other persons point of view.  I had to Imagine what they would see and think about when looking back at the event.

*I used my lunch experience at Rocky Point Restaurant on Central Avenue for this project


I was speaking with students and faculty, at my daughter's school, regarding the inadequate facilities for physical education class.  This inspired me to do some research comparing Roosevelt School District with other school districts in the surrounding areas.

  A Quest for Equality (click on link)

Extra! Extra!

I have enclosed a letter to ALL South Phoenix residents.

To all residents of South Phoenix  (click on link)

We worked with a South Phoenix Elementary School on a Memory Map Project

Group Project (click on link)

This link gives you a look at my personal background.  I have also compiled some pictures from our family scrapbook.

These are my favorite sunset pictures! 
My Personal Bio (click on link)