My Personal Bio-Page


    My name is Lillian Contreras-Galvez.  I am a junior at Arizona State University.  I am studying for a Bachelors Degree is Political Science with a minor in Pre-law. I am destined to graduate in fall of 2003.  I am not in any rush, because if I am a lifetime student I never have to pay back my student loans!  Therefore, I will continue my education until I have all the degrees my heart desires as long as I keep a 6-credit course load.

    I am married and have a beautiful daughter who is 6yrs old and we have a yellow Labrador puppy.  I work on the weekends as a flight attendant and I attend A.S.U. West on the weekdays when my daughter is in school.  I am very fortunate that this all works out.    I love to travel and meet new people.  I shoot for at least three mini-vacations a year.  This is the perfect recipe to reduce any stress that may occur throughout a semester. I love spending time with my family.  I love going to Broadway Plays in New York.  I also love taking pictures of beautiful Sunsets and Scrap booking my Photos.  

    I am a resident of South Phoenix.  I bought my house in 1998 and have no regrets.  I didn’t even need a Cody Williams bus tour to sell me on the neighborhood.  I enjoy the views of the mountains, the proximity to the airport, and the central location.  This class on South Phoenix has allowed me to observe the outsiders point of view of my neighborhood.  Even though I was an insider, because I reside in the area, I have learned so much more information about my neighborhood in the six weeks I took this class.  A special “Thanks” to Dr. Koptiuch for her hard work with the research of my South Phoenix neighborhood.   


 My Personal Scrapbook