Rocky Point Restaurant Interior

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Mariachi Group                 Ceviche tostada        Shrimp Cocktail


Shot/Reverse-Shot Event-Scene

    A classmate and I went to have lunch at Rocky Point Restaurant on Central Avenue. As we walked in we immediately smelled the aroma of food and boy were we starving. The jukebox was playing a good song that reminded me of my dad.  I immediately felt very comfortable. 

The waitress came to take our order, but spoke little English. We had some questions about one of the items on the menu so she motioned for the lady at the register to come to our table.  The lady who came to our table was the owner.  We chatted and she suggested a few things on the menus.  We decided to start out with ceviche tostadas, shrimp cocktails, and share shrimp fajitas.

  They served us chips and hot sauce.  The chips were salted with just the right amount of salt and the hot sauce was spicy.  Just what I like!!!  We enjoyed our ceviche tostadas and shrimp cocktails and eagerly moved on to our fajitas.  The food was excellent!  

This man came in and sat in the booth across from us.  Two minutes later a group of musicians entered the restaurant.  I thought cool this restaurant has mariachis.  They go directly to the guy across from us play a song, take fifty dollars, and are out the door.  I got my camera and asked the owner if I could take a picture when they were singing.  She was totally fine with it.  It was so neat we were at the right place at the right time.  I thought for sure for fifty dollars these musicians would be serenading this guy for a few songs.  I talked to the owner and asked why they left so soon and she told me the guy only hired them for one song. I asked how much they were an hour and she said $250/hour.  I was a bit shocked.  I have been in restaurants that had musicians come to your table and you pay $5 or $10 per song.  Fifty dollars to me is a little expensive, but it was nice and we didn't have to pay for it, the guy next to us did.

The guy next to us was quite sociable.  He was in there for approximately forty minutes and had three different visitors. They were like scheduled meetings. Two guys came in first and sat in his booth.  They engaged in a quick conversation and were out the door.  Then this older guy came in and the same thing happened.  Then two other guys came in and they exited the restaurant with the guy.  I looked at my classmate and we were thinking the same thing.  He must be a very important person.



 The ladies are watching us walk up to the door and think its great the restaurant is getting good traffic at this time of day.  The waitress is thankful she can have two tables to wait on. 

These patrons seem easy just some ceviche and beverages.  Then here comes the hard part, the language barrier.  The waitress is thinking, please talk to me in Spanish I only know enough English to get by.  Please donít ask technical questions about the food I can't translate my response in English.  I know what you're asking I just cant think of the words in English.  Well let me get the owner she will make sure you order something you will like.

The owner is very helpful and excited to talk about all the different varieties she cooks her seafood.

 A guy walks in and thinks great this is my favorite booth and waitress and I wanted a little more privacy.  Well I will just conduct my three scheduled meetings fast and in a very low tone.  I would also like a to fit a little serenading in this hard fast paced day. The food, service, music, and meetings were all good. Knocked it out in 40 minutes. Iím a pro!!  Today is a good day!!

The patrons leave and commented on how great the food was.  The owner is proud.  The waitress gets a good tip and is happy since she had the slow shift.  The guy was able to conduct his business in a timely fashion and has his favorite song serenaded to him.  Itís all good!

*Some other items Rocky Pointe Restaurant has to offer

    (Oysters in the 1/2 shell)          (Buckets of beer)                   (Seafood Parriada)