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              An Open Letter to Phoenix
Walking Tour of South Phoenix 
  Southern to Greenway Road along the west side of Central Avenue. 

Many of  the buildings are over 60 years old.  Some even older. 

See a part of a neighborhood in South Phoenix.

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These photos were taken by students of students in the Urban Anthropology Class

Offered by Dr. K. Koptiuch at Arizona State University West.

mvc-618s.jpg (49178 bytes)Habitat_Roofing_2.jpg (75989 bytes) Habitat for Humanities

 Children's Mural on the South Ranch Community Center Fence

To see additional Urban Anthropology viewpoints of South Phoenix, visit the

 "Learning From South Phoenix Page" and Select Researchers' Individual Web Pages"


New developments are appearing changing the old neighborhoods.  Is Gentrification a Dirty Word?

A Place for the Boys - A Moment on a Corner in South Phoenix

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