The Tale of Two Cites

    Growing up in South Phoenix is a different world than growing up in Peoria. I was about twelve years old when I moved away from South Phoenix.  Creating a memory map allowed me to reflect on the life I once had and the one I live now. 

When think of the two cities I think of night and day, black and white. They are two cities that have different characteristics. Many people have created  stereotypes about the "South Side" . I used to believe that the south side had nothing going, and that it was a place of darkness. 

After finishing our Course in Learning in South Phoenix, I started to look a Phoenix in a new light. South Phoenix is not what people have portrayed it to be. I now see it as a place of opportunity, a place that is culturally strong, a place when neighbors still know each others name, a Place that builds character, and a place that I' am proud to be from

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