Goodbye Old South Phoenix.I shall miss you.I shall miss your hodge podge stores and Latino/Gringo flavor and the fun we had learning about gentrification and yard space and Habitat for Humanity.I shall miss your good eating-places at low prices.Iíve had fun on the other side of the tracks and presto change the Rio Salado project and the Baseline beautification and widening the roads are telling us all that the other side of the tracks is soon to be the wealthy view lots of many subdivisions and gated communities.

Goodbye South Mountain the beautiful.Glad to meet you for the first time and enjoyed your peaceful company these weeks.We shall meet again.

The camera pans up to the fluffy clouds and late afternoon sun. The view through the windshield is the skyline of downtown Phoenix and it is always pretty to look at.Behind us are the mountain and the sagebrush and the horses at Ponderosa stables still standing at the hitching post?

Sherry, Greg and I remark how the stables at South Mountain Preserve need advertising to keep them in business.The Arizona Republic, the radio, the Penny saver.Specials and coupons to get a good deal on a horseback ride and bring the people in to get used to them being there.

The camera pans the skyline with fluffy clouds.Shot reverse shot and the camera zooms back down on the 15-year-old car driving north on Central near sunset.Three tired compadres heading back from the Ponderosa.Sherri gets dropped off in time to go on one last errand before nightfall.Son Greg wants to hike some of the trails at South Mountain with his friend sometime.I head home.Close of the day.

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