Observing The Pedestrians of South Phoenix

Inside my frame:
I am focusing on the stoplight at South Central Avenue and Southern Avenue. On the southwest corner there is a vendor selling roses and teddy bears. He has a few  roses in his hands and the rest are placed in what seems to be a five gallon bucket. I have seen him before usually with another lady or a young child also selling, at the opposite side of the street. There are also many people waiting to cross the street. Some are either carrying groceries or small children. As I watch them a little longer I notice that they seem to be making their way to the bus stop. I see a man who is on a bike and is also waiting to cross the street. It seems as though he has been there a while, time seems to slow down when you watch from a distance. Most of the people, if not all, are Black and Hispanic.

Outside my frame:
My group is sitting in the South Plaza shopping center, two of us are on the ground and two are standing. We are all quietly observing and taking notes. In front of the street there is a bank and it is Friday, so its probably busier than usual.  There are various shops including a liquor store, a rent a center, a cell phone business, a barber shop, a jewelry store, a food city, a K-momos discount dollar store and another K-momos clothing store, and a pizza place as well as a Mexican restaurant. People that are driving by or walking by seem interested in what we are doing. Yet, no one asks.

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