Present Pursuits

Where I go to school...

Fletcher Library at night

I attend Arizona State University West. The west campus is a  vital component of ASUís multi-campus structure and  serves nearly 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students. ASU West is a four-year urban campus, offering a friendly, supportive atmosphere in the context of a nationally acclaimed, PAC-10 university. It's a cool school!

Fletcher Library at Night

     Who I work for...

I work for Dr. "Jingle" Wu. In his Landscape Ecology & Modeling lab. Jingle is quite an accomplished individual and a nice man to work for. His current research interests include: Landscape Ecology, Systems Ecology, Urban Ecology, and Theoretical Ecology.  Specifically relationships among pattern, process, scale and hierarchy in landscapes; Land use and land cover change; Pattern analysis; Landscape models; Scaling; Patch dynamics; Hierarchy theory; Complexity theory and ecological applications; Systems analysis and simulation; Pattern and process of urbanization; Pattern and process of desertification.

Jianguo (Jingle) Wu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Ecology
Department of Plant Biology

Where I work...
Life Science Center The LEML is located on the seventh floor. It falls within the domain of the Plant Biology department. The Department of Plant Biology is an active center for education and research on plants as well as the broader life sciences. It is composed of scientists who have chosen plant systems as the focus of their work, either because the problem is specific to plants or because plants provide the best model system for the question being addressed.
   The Life Sciences Center

   How I get to work...
The ASU West Express shuttle service is a direct link between Main and West campus. Riding it weekly, saves me driving time and vehicle stress Picture of ASU West Express Shuttle
                        ASU Shuttle

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