Freeze Frame - Framing "a moment in time"


 Community Phone on St. Catherine & 22nd Street

 January 25, 2002 – Freeze Frame Date & Time(2:30pm)

Description of the area located at St. Catherine & 22nd Street

·        A series of white painted brick homes, with bars on windows, with some vehicles parked in front yard by front door.

·        Nice views of South Mountain

·        Trailers across the street

·        Neighborhood school, T.G. Barr Elementary, is located two streets over

·        Automobiles parked in the area were a mix of old and late model vehicles (most were better than my current “ride”)

·        Pay phone across street serves residents without phones

·        The most outside activity we’d seen all day, several adults standing by trashcans, kids on bikes outside, people standing and talking outside their front doors (Black & Hispanics).

 Informal interviews and impressions…

            We parked in front of a complex consisting of 12 single level white painted brick homes. We got out of the car and spoke to the people outside.  We parked near two black people standing by a trashcan. One was a man with dread locks, who asked Cory for some money. Corey gave him a dollar. The other was a woman who leaned against a trashcan and appeared to be waiting for a ride.  She was sort of avoiding us, but seemed amused at the same time. She turned every time Cory picked the camera up. As we stood talking, a truck driving by was playing loud Hispanic music.  We spoke with a group of Hispanic boys on bikes.  They seemed curious about us. Several were wearing t-shirts that read “T.G. Barr School.” Corey asked the boys if they lived in the complex, one boy (a future real estate agent) said he did and was very helpful in answering our questions. He said they were two bedrooms/two bath homes that rented for $425.00 per month. Corey asked if they ever heard gunshots, etc. in the neighborhood and they said rarely.

          The building and grounds weren’t well taken care of, there was trash in the gutter, weeds in the yards and old broken appliances stored in a few places. One or two cars were parked next to the front door.  Several groups of residents stood outside their front doors conversing.  Although things didn’t appear picture perfect, one got a sense of “family” here. 

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