Residents Wanted!

To live in our long anticipated *Riskscape Communities

2 neighborhoods to choose from!


 South Phoenix

To qualify perspective resident should be:

Ethnic Minority (predominately Hispanic)

Median Income of $6260

Who your neighbors will be:

Waste management facilities & land fills

Industrial facilities: typically TRI (Toxic Release Inventory Site) or TSD (Treatment, Storage & Disposal)

Special Amenities:

Special offered to those living within 1.6km radius of TRI:

·        Higher aggregate of airborne releases

·        Presumed increased health risks

 Note - we recommend      installing air & water filtration systems


South Phoenix Home


     Suburban Phoenix

To qualify perspective resident should be:

  • Predominately white,

  • Submissive to the new trend of the decentralization of industry

Who your neighbors will be   
  • Electronic & computer components manufacturers (Motorola, Intel)

  • Aerospace manufacturers (Honeywell)

 Why we developed this Riskscape Community in the “Sunbelt”

·        Uncontrolled urban sprawl (fast growth, spatially dispersed urban configuration)

·        Heavy reliance of automobiles

·        State’s weak record of environmental planning

·        Physical geography that contributes to its air pollution (Mtn. ranges that encourage pollution to setter over city & shallow valleys that contribute to inversion layers which trap & concentrate pollutants over the Valley)

·        Industry historically driven by Keynesianism (circa 1946 - the advocacy of monetary & fiscal programs by government to increase employment and spending)

·        Industrial & transportation related pollutants, complicated by high particulate levels (that derive from: dry conditions, dust produced by construction, gravel pit operations, agriculture & unpaved roads of urban periphery)

·        Designated by the EPA as a non-attainment area for criteria atmospheric pollutants (including ozone, carbon monoxide & particulates)


Bolin, B. and E. Matranga, E.J. Hackett, E.K. Sadalla, K.D. Pijawka, D. Brewer, D.Sicotte. 2000. Environmental equity in a sunbelt city: The spatial distribution of toxic hazards in Phoenix, Arizona. Environmental Hazards 2:11-24.

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