Who I am...

I consider myself a student of “life” and make an effort to learn from every person and experience I encounter. I consider life itself to be a path, and perceive the journey as much more important than the destination. Sounds corny and intense at the same time, but maybe that’s who I am….

I am the proud mother of a beautiful 22 year old daughter, a mother-in-law to a hardworking son-in-law and a grandmother of two. My interests, both personally and professionally, are “everything ecological.” I favor a multi-scale approach to tasks because we live in a multiuse world. My hobbies include hiking, swimming, reading and playing with my grandchildren!

Academically, I’ve been a student at Arizona State University West since 1999. I received my Associates of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Fullerton College in 1979. Returning back to school two decades later to pick up my bachelors degree has been a rather intense (but fun) transition. I intend to graduate in the Spring of 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrative Studies – with a concentration in "Land Ethics."  I hope to be admitted into the ASU main's Master of Environmental Planning program in the Fall.  I  consider these initial academic steps to take me where I ultimately want to go...into urban & regional planning or landscape management.

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