A Well Planned Planned Parenthood 

    The Planned Parenthood Organization has been assisting families since 1916. The location on Central, just South of Roeser, was serving many individuals on the day we visited. In the short time we were there, the office was filled with at least 15 people, and for an early Friday afternoon that is a lot of patients.  Dolores, the manger of this location, informed us that there are usually between 400 to 500 visits per month, bringing their annual amount between 4,800 and 6,000.  An overwhelming majority of their patients are monolingual, hispanic women whom are not naturalized citizens.  They also average between the ages of 17 and 24, yet many younger individuals do visit.  Most visits are also based on the prevention and treatment of sexually-transmitted diseases.  The location on 35th Avenue and Bell had similar statistics, yet the clientelle varied more dramatically.  The ethnicity and nationality of the patients varied, as well as the income of the patients.  Because most of the patients visiting the South Phoenix location do not have citizenship, many of them have income levels below the poverty line.  Also, the majority of the patients visiting the North Phoenix location are interested in the prevention of pregnancy more than the prevention of diseases.  The most startling statistics to me were the amount of visits, as well as the ages of many patients.  However, these numbers are very common at all the Planned Parenthood locations throughout the U.S.  Because this non-profit organization is one of the only ones that will treat patients that have no medical insurance, as well as charging them very little for their services, it has become an extremely popular alternative for all individuals.