Habitat for Humanity and Stardust House


    A real treat for our group was the opportunity to visit Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a world wide organization that builds affordable housing and community partnership. They construct simple, decent affordable homes which unites people of all races, ethnicities and religious backgrounds. They offer a hand up to some people that really need it. They were founded in 1987 and they have completed 220 homes in the Phoenix metro area. 

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     This day was an experience I will never forget. We met at the park in South Ranch at 8:30 in the morning.

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It was a fabulous morning. The air was a little brisk but it was a clear and sunny day. I had dressed in layers not knowing what to expect. We were all ready to work. They offered two projects one working on landscaping and the other roofing a house. I was in the group that was roofing the house. This was truly a effort of teamwork. We were able to complete the roof by noon. The feeling of being on top of a house and pounding nails into a roof that will someday shelter a family gave me an indescribable feeling of pride. I hope to someday drive through South Ranch to see this completed house and to know that I contributed to a family's dream come true.

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    In the afternoon we met with the staff of Habitat for Humanity to learn about the partnering between Habitat and the homeowners. The commitment is fantastic. The prospective homeowners do not put any money in escrow but their escrow is made in "sweat" hours. They must contribute 100 hours on someone else's house before they can even begin to look at a lot for themselves. Once that is met they must complete another 300 hours on their own house. 

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    The community also has a HOA that keeps the neighborhood in tact. Habitat offers classes in home ownership and in repairs so the home owners can keep their home in tip top shape.


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    Stardust House, in my opinion, is the best perk for the South Ranch community. They offer day care and after school programs for the younger kids. The also have something available for the high school aged kids which may include a field trip to ASU main. They have a computer room that provides access to the internet as well. 

    In between the houses (Stardust is comprised of two houses joined by an awning) is a little recreation area.                

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    Sitting in the house itself gave off so much energy, especially with the brightly colored walls. 

    Outside in the yard is a brightly painted mural that the kids did themselves. Not only is it colorful but is full of history and culture. 

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The best perk of all is that everyone is invited to Startdust House even if they are not a resident of South Ranch.

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