Learning From South Phoenix                         

    The appeal of a 6 week class had me lured into wanting to participate in the "Learning from South Phoenix" class instructed by Dr. Kristen Koptiuch. Since I am a Sociology major and very interested in diversity this class was right up my alley. 

To begin with a little about me                        


    Every week we explored something different in South Phoenix. We learned about the CCC or the Civilian Conservation Corps based in the South Mountain Park Reserve between 1933 - 1942. We visited Habitat for Humanity. We talked with a South Phoenix Police Officer and also learned about the City of Phoenix Rio Salado Project from Karen Williams. 

    We also did some exploration on our own. We formed groups and explored the streets of South Phoenix. We were a little hesitant at first but then thought what the heck. We cruised up and down Central a little and ventured over to 7th street and 7th avenue, Baseline road, Southern road and a few smaller streets. I was looking for the drug dealers, prostitutes and other criminals I had often heard associated with South Phoenix. Where were they? Did  they leave today because they knew we were coming? What I did find was a community with patches of deteriorated houses and property probably due to lack of money and interest. I did not feel intimidated by any means being in this part of the city. The purpose of this class is to broaden our horizons. Why in South Phoenix? Why not? 

 I have chosen a few of my favorite topics  to share with you.

Habitat for Humanity 

Police Officer Ron Snodgrass

Freeze Frame

Group page

A letter to the residents of Phoenix