My name is Kim Smith-Dodson and I am a senior at Arizona State University West.  I am working towards a major in sociology and a minor in sociocultural anthropology; two areas of study that I really enjoy learning about.  

Besides raising a family, my hobbies include hiking the mountain preserves around the metropolitan Phoenix area, traveling (of which I hope to do more of once I graduate), and reading.  The last book I read that wasn't for school was Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections and the first book on my shelf to read after this semester is over is Cane River by Lalita Tademy. 

After I receive my Bachelor's degree I plan on taking a family vacation (and reading the above-mentioned book).  But, I also plan to clean my  house real good, visit with friends that I've kind of lost touch with, and go shopping all day long!!!!  After I get this out of my system, I will increase my efforts in looking for employment.  

I appreciate the time you have taken to review any or all of my web page (and those of my classmates).  Any responses that you may have can be sent to Kimberly.Smith-Dodson@asu.edu Take Care…




Last Updated 4-7-2002