My name is Thinh D. Tran and I was born in Vietnam.  I came to America with my family that consisted of my parents, older brother and younger brother in October 1991.  First, we lived in San Diego, California, then we moved to Atlanta, Georgia after a few months in San Diego; then we moved to Glendale, Arizona in summer of 1995. 

My occupation is Manufacturing Technician at Intel.  Hopefully, by the time I earn my Bachelor Degree, I'll become an Engineer.

Why Did I Register for Soc 332 Course?    As of January of 2002, I'm a Junior standing in the program, Bachelor of Applied Science in Semiconductor Technology at Arizona State University East.  As I met with my academic advisor in December of 2001 to discuss my schedule for Spring Semester of 2002 , she mentioned that I still have 3 credits of Assignable Credit.  Most of the required courses in the program that I enroll are extensively concentrated with technology information.  Therefore, this is an opportunity for me to stay away from those technical terms, lab works, and is a gateway to meet new class-mates and new people as I interview them through the field research.

This is a picture of my group, former President Clinton and I dining at Poncho, a well-known Mexican restaurant in S. Phoenix.  Just kidding!  This table was where President Clinton had dinner when he visited S. Phoenix in 2000.

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