I was focused on a No Trespassing sign at Central Avenue and Vineyard Street.  The sign itself was typical with white text and black background.  As I zoomed out a bit, I saw that the sign was posted on a wall, next to the window of a house.  I have usually seen this No Trespassing sign in a local shopping center, posted on the column of the building.  As I zoomed out further to view the entire house and the surrounding, I noticed that there were no people, cars, etc.  The house was surrounded with fence and cacti.  It was abandoned and sat on an undeveloped lot.  Zooming out a bit more, I saw two more houses with the same No Trespassing signs and similar architecture.

I wondered what the area used to be.  Did it used to be a neighborhood?  I'm guessing this is what it once was, because there are a several homes sat on that same lot.  And what will the owner do to this undeveloped lot in the near future.