New Kids On the Roof

Shot:  As my classmates and I were volunteering our time to help Habitat for Humanity by building a roof of a house, I saw a Hispanic woman drove by with windows rolled down and two little girls dressed alike in the backseat.  The car slowed down to a complete stop.  The woman pointed toward us with her finger and spoke to the little girls.  Then the girls stared at us and burst out laughing.  At that moment, I wondered what the woman thought of us and what she said to those girls that caused them to laugh.

Reverse Shot:  This morning while I was taking my two daughters to school, I saw a number of boys and girls hammering nails on a roof.  Immediately, I figured out that these kids were college kids that worked with Habitat for Humanity and donated their time to help in building affordable homes for my community.  Admiring them, I pointed my finger toward them and told my daughters that those people helped in building our home.  My children burst out laughing because some of the college kids waved at them with hammers.