This is a record of the sights and sounds I experienced in South Phoenix during field research for Dr. Kristin Koptiuch's  Urban Anthropology course Learning from South Phoenix.  The area in which we did our research can be seen here.  My name is Nicolle Walker and I am currently a student at ASU WestLearn more about me in my bio. 

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~ Our fearless leader was Kristin Koptiuch... drk.jpg (58642 bytes) our guide through the urban jungle borderland. 

Freeze Frame:  A "freeze frame" is a technique in which you make observations on an image directly in front of you and expand you "frame" to include objects beyond your initial observations.  Check out my first freeze frame here.  freeze_cropped.jpg (69489 bytes)

Affordable Housing: Building with Habitat

One of the major problems of the new development going on in South Phoenix is the proliferation of new housing developments that push out people who cannot afford this housing out farther outside the perimeter of the city.  One solution is a unique planned community of affordable houses built by the non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity.  Check out the pics below to see our class hard at work on some houses.

habitat1.jpg (77981 bytes)        habitat2.jpg (49896 bytes)        habitat3.jpg (75973 bytes)        mural.jpg (70096 bytes)        amflag.jpg (93252 bytes)        habitatandcity.jpg (52722 bytes)

Documenting Central Avenue Businesses:

~ In an attempt to document the businesses along Central avenue that are in danger of being run out by large corporations, our class interviewed and photographed a sector of Central Avenue, by dividing into research groups.  Our group focused on the NE corner of Broadway and Central, North 1/2 mile to Elwood.  Here are the results of our research.

Globalizing Culture:

~ Globalization has hit Phoenix and it is destroying culture and ethnicity while making it a commodity.  Check out my views on  how globalization is transforming south Phoenix here.

Shot-Reverse-Shot Exercise:

This exercise is done by putting yourself in the "other's" shoes.  I took a scene and wrote about how I saw things as they were happening using my own viewpoints and perspective.  Then, as if in a movie, I reverse the "camera" shot onto the person I was interacting with and wrote the scene how he saw it happening.  You can read the exercise You can read the Reverse-Shot exercise here.

Open Letter to the Citizens of South Phoenix:

After two months of exploring this area, I feel energized and enthusiastic by the hope and courage I see from the residents of South Phoenix.  This is an open letter to you all.  Thank You