Every time we met we were required to stop what we were doing and describe what was in front of us at that time. This helped us really take a closer look and absorb what we were surrounded with.   At exactly 2 PM my group and I were standing in front of Hip Hop Hair and Cafe.  It is located in South Phoenix and it is a good example of the different businesses in this area.  It also shows the diversity of the people that live in South Phoenix.


Jaime and I were standing in front of Hip Hop Hair & Cafe.  The building is bright blue with white letters displaying the businesses name.  Everything seems quiet, it almost seems like there is no one inside.  The building looks older and some-what abandoned, and it doesn't really catch your attention when you pass by.  The only  reason you would know it is open is the sign on the window that reads "OPEN", and all the different cars parked in-front of the building and to the right side.




     Jaime and I decided to go into to Hip Hop Hair & Cafe.  I walked into the building not knowing what to expect.  As we walked inside I realized that everyone there was African-American.  They all stopped what they were doing and just stared at us.  I felt very awkward as they waited for us to say something.  It was evident that they were very surprised by our presence. Entering no further than the doorway, Jaime and I quickly grabbed some flyers on the glass counter and walked out feeling rejected and unwanted. 

     As we regrouped to discuss our experiences, I overheard several other groups mention that they too had visited Hip Hop Hair & Cafe and experienced similar discomfort.  Never had I noticed Hip Hop Hair & Cafe until Dr K mentioned it in class, as I made a mental note of visiting this site.  Most of  my classmates also shared the same enthusiasm of stopping by.   

     That day we all  had huge digital cameras, notebooks and pens.  We had formed several groups and  were very excited to be learning more about the different cultures and businesses in South Phoenix.  I can just picture every single one of our groups walking into Hip Hop Hair & Cafe with cameras, notebooks, and  pens in hand, and the reactions of each personnel inside!




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