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One of our class trips was to Habitat for Humanity.  Habitat for Humanity helps low-income families build homes.  There is a application process to see if you are eligible to be a home owner here.  Each family that qualifies for a home at Habitat for Humanity has to help build a home before starting to build theirs. The class went to Habitat for Humanity in South Phoenix and helped build a home. We were given a brief safety training, and then were seperated into two groups.  One group  helped with roofing, and another group helped with landscaping.

If you want to learn more about Habitat for Humanity click here for their official web site. Habitat for Humanity





Landscaping group pictures











Roofing group pictures











     Our trip to Habitat for Humanity was very interesting.  I had heard about Habitat for Humanity in the past, but I never took the time to explore what the program was about.  I have to admit that when Dr K told us that we were going to go help build a home there I was not very excited.

     We met at the park inside the South Ranch Community.  We had a speaker that gave us an overview of the program.  We went over safety first and  we were then separated into two groups:  the roofing group and the landscaping group.  I decided to go with the landscaping group.  The landscaping group helped clean up the front yard of a house, dig holes for the trees and flowers, and for the tubing for the sprinklers.  The ground was very hard!  It took us all 4 hours to finish our job, but at the end everything looked good. 

     After we finished I really felt good.  It was nice to be out there working with the class as a group.  I also felt like we had helped someone.   The people that want to qualify to get a house there have to put in hours in other's homes first.  There are also people there that are building their own homes.  When we were working on the landscaping we were working alongside a man and a woman who were not from out class.  She was not talking to anyone and was working very hard.  I asked her if that was her house, and she answered that it was not, but she was there because she would soon be working on her home.  Talking to that woman helped me understand how much Habitat for Humanity helps people and how much that means to the people who live or will live there.


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