Thanks To The South Phoenix Community



Dear South Phoenix Residents,

     First of all I would  like to thank you for allowing us to walk around your neighborhoods and businesses, and for allowing us to take many pictures and  for answering our questions.  I would also like to thank all of the business owners who gladly let us into their place of businesses to look around, take pictures, and ask questions.

    I moved to Phoenix a year and a half ago and I have never had an opportunity to visit the South part of Phoenix. I do have to admit that I had heard some negative comments about the "Southside".  When I heard that our class would be conducting the majority of its sessions in the Southside, I jumped at the opportunity.

     During our class time I really enjoyed going to South Mountain Park and learning more about it's history. I enjoyed walking around Central Avenue and visiting many of the family-owned businesses there as well as learning their history, and about the Rio Salado Project.  Most of all, I enjoyed the delicious food we ate every class period during our lunch break!

     I really hope that by reading through all of our many positive experiences in South Phoenix, that others put aside the stereotypes that are have been formed about certain areas of our city.   I certainly hope that they will go out there and learn for themselves about the great community of South Phoenix along with it's diverse cultures and their arts. You will find that these stereotypes are many time not necessarily true.

 Thank You,




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