At 2:30 pm Carolina and I were standing in the doorway of the Hip Hop Hair and Cafe.  From the outside of the building it appears to be a single business.  The building is painted an electric blue, with the name of the business written in graffiti style writing.  The look of the store is enough to spark an interest to those passing by. 

   Once we walked in the store, I could not help but feel out of place, as everyone in the place was black.  You would think that this minority owned business would welcome other minorities into their store, but I got the opposite feeling.  As soon as Carolina and I walked into the store, all eyes seemed to be on us.  Not wanting to venture into the store any further than the doorway, we could see a bustle of activities going on.  In one corner of the store there was a lunch counter with two customers waiting for their food.  Next to that was a mini barber shop surrounded by glass windows.  There was a boy sitting in the barber's chair, while three men stood around talking and waiting. 

Why do these people keep coming into the store with cameras, pens, and notebooks?  Don't they know that the reason I opened this store, was so that my people could have a place to come hang out and just chill.  All of a sudden everyone seems to be interested in Hip Hop Hair and Cafe.  Maybe if we ignore them, or act like we don't want them in here, they'll stop coming.  They better not be giving my store any bad publicity.