Learning From

         South Phoenix


SOUTH PHOENIX MAP:    This a map of the  general area studied throughout this course. 

SOUTH MOUNTAIN PARK:    This is a map of the park and recreational area.

ABOUT ME:    Wazzuup!!  A little bit about Me.

FREEZE-FRAME:   These perspectives are about a specific moment in which we were to pick one event and analyze what is happening at that specific time, inside/outside a "frame" created by looking through our hands extended in a boxed manner.  

MEMORY MAP:     These are fun.  The assignment here is to construct maps from memory, depicting any significant events, facts, or fond recollections during our childhood of the neighborhood in which each lived.  

REFLECTION:    This piece is my perception of what downtown is and the significance of all the roads leading to and from the center of the city. 

*STRANGERS IN A COMMUNITY:    A response to others' reactions.

*HABITAT FOR HUMANITY:    Getting high with hammers and nails. 

*GENTRIFICATION:            New look vs. New-comers

*TOUR DOWN CENTRAL:    Here are shots of businesses located down Central Ave.

*LETTER TO PHOENIX:    Open letter to Phoenix residents.





                Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.                            Friendly House                            Habitat For Humanity - Valley of the Sun


                                                Unite Way-Valley of the Sun                                     Phoenix Police- South Mountain Precinct