What's going on everyone, welcome to my web page.  This is what I am all about... (oh yeah, this is me pretending to do schoolwork)   


Name:    Javier Canchola

   Age:    24

School:    A.S.U. West

Major:    Sociology

Minor:    Ethnic Studies



Okay these are the basics, so now I will write a bit about me.  I've been in school far too long, I guess you could say that I was never in a hurry.  I will be graduating at the end of Fall Semester 2002, although it still seems many semesters away.  My plans after graduation aren't too clear.  My original plan is to enter the police department, I may still do this but I am rethinking this decision, or become a juvenile probation officer.  For sure I will stay with COSTCO until I make my decision.  In  my first two years upon graduation, I plan to rid myself of all credit card debts, and save enough money for down payments on a house or condo, and I plan to get a new  4x4 Silverado, lifted with big tires.  If by this point I haven't made a career decision, I will return to school to get a Masters degree in Education or Counseling.   In doing this I hope to go on to teach or become a high school counselor, or perhaps an academic advisor at a junior college or university.  Eventually I will do what I must so that I can become a college professor.  I'm a big sports fan.  I especially love baseball and football, even more so when my team is in the play-offs.  I am a die-hard Arizona fan.  This includes everyone:    CARDINALS,  DIAMONDBACKS, COYOTES, SUN DEVILS, WILDCATS. and yes, the SUNS.