Montezuma & First Avenue

Looking deep through the center of my frame I notice a portion of a silent neighborhood.  A variety of houses, tree lined streets, and I-10 freeway off in the distance.  I observe few traces of life, including children coming home from school.  A small vehicle creeps into the view of my frame, coming toward me and then turns.  It was a newer vehicle, just like all the others I had noticed for the day.  A crisp breeze chills the spine as the winter sun strikes the asphalt.   A quick glance outside the frame reveals an almost complete neighborhood, absent from my view are parks, schools, or the traffic of Central Avenue.  With everything rushing into focus, I become would become instantaneously overwhelmed with what I see.  Every house, yard, tree, vehicle, and person invoke vibrant colors, shapes, and sizes to this palate.  The houses are unlike the cookie cutter version to which a visitor from Northwest Phoenix is accustomed.  These houses have individual colors and styles; each has different landscape in the yard, and the age two houses next to one another can vary from 1-50 plus years.  In Northwest Phoenix, Home Owner’s Associations have place restrictions on occurrences such as these.  A I move my gaze new images enter into the setting. A public telephone stands on the side of the street, positioned in front of someone’s house.  A perplexing location for this typically downtown convenience store image.  But is something missing from this peaceful, yet a bit surreal scene?  Absent are sidewalks, which usually line city streets.  And streetlights, although it was daytime I detect a definite deficiency which generates a rural feel to this location.  Off in the distance the faint sound of the ice cream truck’s musical jingle.   This is a frozen frame of South Phoenix. 

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